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Pages: Anyone watch Big Bang Theory? [1]
Author Topic: Anyone watch Big Bang Theory?

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2011-02-08 20-55-27

Anyone watch Big Bang Theory? A sit com about nerdy adult professors whose social ineptitude make for hilarity, chock full of math & science nerdiness. Well, I recently realized that I *get* the majority of references in that series, whereas my art degree gf asks questions. I realized that only a certain person, a *nerd* knows this stuff at all, as it's not practical in day to day life unless you want to calculate the exact acceleration of a beam of light from a light house along an angled cliff side. Etc. Anyway, I was wondering: Are you a nerd in any field? What do you know that many others do not know? Do you know any jokes specific to your field of nerdiness that only fellow nerds would get? Here's mine: Q: Why are quantum physicists so poor at sex? A: Because when they find the position, they can't find the momentum, and when they have the momentum, they can't find the position. Ba dum bum! see more Lolcats and funny pictures
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2011-02-11 15-13-10

I love that show!!! I have only caught the first episode this season though... I can't get it to play on my computer for some reason. *insert major sad face here* :( Does anyone know a mac-friendly site for watching tv shows? This video makes me happy. You can thank me later!
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2011-02-12 20-26-15

Love the show, I watch on 1)Go under B and pick the Big Bang Theory 2)Choose the episode you want and enter 3)I choose Click here to watch on 4)Choose Continue 5)Once you close the advertisement the show starts, it's full episodes All seasons and full episodes. I couldn't post under flyingdogs but this is for anyone interested. Enjoy
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2011-02-13 1-55-58-

Have you tried casttv or surf the channel? I was an art major and I love that show. I don't think you have to be a physics nerd to get it all. I also love the new show on fox, Raising Hope, and I don't have to be "white trash" to get that. If you haven't seen it, watch it. It's so funny.
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2011-02-22 2-19-10-

Modern Family Also hilarious! Been meaning to watch Raising Hope.
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  • couse

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    2011-03-17 4-25-41-

    are those sites US only? the trouble i've found with watching tv online is they block any isp's from outside the states. You can try to use a proxy server, but often it's too slow to play the show.
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  • Khanh

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    2011-04-30 11-01-36

    I don't know. I live in california, so I never think to check. Is throughmylens a canadian?
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  • Hermine

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    2011-05-03 4-14-54-

    yep. she's in toronto. So is madtypist. I miss those fo'lks.
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  • al-jahni

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    2011-07-08 8-55-37-

    pssst, been thinking about a trip to Vancouver Island next summer.. First is NM in January.. I've decided to stop saying "someday" and just get out and do it. I NEED to see Vancouver Island! Your pictures are killing me. You can introduce me to those giant trees, bears and deer, and we can catch up over coffee (or a pint). Perhaps we'll find ourselves in a sudden downpour and discover a BC version of "wet t-shirt Starbucks!" :)
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    2011-07-15 9-04-24-

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  • baechle

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    2011-08-05 4-23-24-

    I wonder how many takes it took for sheldon to toss that chocolate to penny from across the room? impressive! :)
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    2011-08-23 13-11-54

    nerd fest Being a brainy science kid certainly contributed to my social exclusion and ineptness, and being socially excluded gave me lots of time to read my science books! I credit being harrassed for being a nerd for saving me from being harrassed for being queer (but what did I know, since being socially inept saved me from discovering or acknowledging my gender and sexuality issues at the time) So there's a perfect storm of confluence going on here to make me who I am today. I can do usual nerd stuff like say the digits of e and pi to x places (that's all?), re the table of sines every x degrees (mentally interpolating to x-digit accuracy on unit degrees), and I used to be able to visually decode x machine instructions from a hex display (love that peek and poke!) Some people can read rotx cyphertext visually, I didn't really spend a long enough time on that to learn it. I used to know the names of bright stars, and be able to visualize a position-velocity-attitude vector in space given sun-centric XYZ in AUs and a direction in earth-centric RA+Dec, orienting visually from the background of constellations (I practiced that working on a text-graphics space simulator game with my little band of peer-nerds at university). Ah, the good old days! Nowadays I'm still pretty good with constructive geometry and trig, calculating exact dimensions for little fabrication projects I work on. I'm much more at ease these days socially, so my nerdular skills have definitely diminished! Jokes? I can be funny on a moment-to-moment basis but I never remember jokes to be able to tell them again later. I heard a lecture by Marvin Minsky explaining what humour is all about: laughter is the brain shaking its own Etch-a-Sketch so that it doesn't record an absurd situation as a serious example to base future decisions on. That's why most jokes are based on a character doing something inappropriate based on mis-interpreted premises. And also why if a joke is really funny, some people (like, moi) forget all about it unless they write it down immediately. There, was that meta-funny, having a nerd explaining in too much detail a nerd-story incomprehensible to anyone but other nerds, using nerd-lanugage in an inappropriate context? Don't let this happen to YOU :-) Ba-da-boom!
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  • bargmann

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    2011-10-05 2-44-57-

    lol! superb! Nothing more beautiful than a nerd dissecting humour and explaining it! Holy crap bh, I bow to your nerdiness. I was able to remember pi to only x digits, the shame. I adore position-velocity-attitude vectors. I remember after I finally clicked with calculus, I used the formulas I'd learned there to calculate a precise point on a vector in advanced physics, when the assignment was to plot the vector on the graph and measure the location of the point on the vector manually. The teacher was unable to mark my homework because he didn't understand what I'd d He just know the answer was correct, and more precise than he'd expected. You know you're a nerd when you feel smug for confusing a teacher. I'm also a star-gazer. Once in high school, I was out all night with a boy once and was grounded because our parents were concerned we were fooling around, when really we'd gone to make out point because he had a telescope and Mars was unusually bright that night.
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  • grether

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    2011-11-08 15-19-32

    that's so funny, yesterday I was thinking to myself "why would anyone bother to memorize x digits of pi when it's programmed into scientific calculators. I confess, when Staples gave me a free calculator because I made a purchase over $x, the first thing I did was hit the pi key. "Hello friend!" (rolls eyes at self)
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    2011-12-27 14-13-18

    What does it say that I got your joke? One of my colleagues sent me this the other day:
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  • stadt

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    2012-01-30 14-21-24

    *chuckle* I think those that negged your post didn't get how sexist Plato's philosophies were. He had some idea that because women are beautiful they can't perceive beauty because they are beauty. I only know this because K knows and told me about it. We all have our fields of interest.
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  • frechette

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    2012-03-07 4-23-46-

    I just assumed it was my usual negger Plato's philosophies about women are....complicated. He was probably a fair bit more progressive for his time than most, but it looks pretty abominable by modern standards. The joke I posted is a reference to his belief that the function of women is to reproduce, which is a bodily function (and therefore related to one's "appetites"), whereas philosophy is a rational undertaking, which means it is related to the soul and therefore transcends the body. But since women are all body, they can never do philosophy and still be fulfilling their function. So a woman philosopher would be a bad woman, a bad philosopher, or both. *shrug* Oh well. I laughed when my friend sent it to me. I especially chortled at the last part about the horses (the soul is made of a black horse and a white horse....)
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    2012-05-10 17-50-55

    so glad you explained I was clueless.
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    2012-08-20 13-48-10

    well done!
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    Posts: 21

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    2012-09-30 22-15-57

    I didn't know about the white horse/black horse at all. gots to get my learn on! *scuttles off to bing*
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    Posts: 20

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    2012-10-09 4-55-43-

    after showing that to K, I just picked up on the "beating a dead horse" reference too. that's clever!
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    2012-11-28 13-13-38

    love love that show I think an average person might me a geek but true geeks would not. I get most of those jokes but I got lost in bicyclehips' post. I took physicsyears in high school because it was so cool and interesting and I loved all the theories and that I now could understand why things do the things they do but when we got into really complex theoretical stuff and stuff I couldn't SEE - I started getting lost. Electricity, calculus, sin/cos, chemistry - all loses me. I get it all on a very basic level. I am a geek wannabe. Also, I love love love the show because a couple of my closest friends are totally geeks. They *are* those guys in this show. Totally socially awkward. I think I get along so well with them because I have SO much respect for their geekdom and because they don't feel the need to follow all those silly social norms that I don't care for anyways. They are who they are. I understand the social norms and do spend a lot of time trying to explain why people do things they do to these friends and explaining how others interpret their behavior and words. To them I might be a cool kid hanging with the geeks but the cool would never have considered me a cool kid.friend I have had for x years IS SHELDON. BAZINGA
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  • courtright

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    2013-01-28 21-53-06

    I'm with ya. I started to flounder in calculus when the ideas no longer became intuitive to me, and in academic chemistry when we were introduced to quantum mechanics. I had a light-bulb moment when I figured out, years later, that quantum mechanics is really quantum theory not known fact. Had it been presented to me initially as a philosophy rather than a "science" I would have done much better. I was used to formulas illustrating proven fact, and the contradictions were confusing. "Is an electron a particle or a wave??? Just tell me dammit!!!" I have this love for calculus because it was such a struggle, initially, for me to wrap my mind around. But I had a wonderful teacher and was motivated by his enthusiasm for the subject to put a lot of effort into working on it. I used to do the same question over and over until I'd memorized it, and thenday I suddenly "got it" and went from failing the class to getting xs effortlessly. I think that's when I became a math nerd.
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    2013-02-14 13-53-42

    see now I chose x years of Physics in High School rather than Chemistry so I went into college Chemistry cold and with the worst Calculus professor ever. I complained to the dean who said, and I quote, "She's tenured so there is nothing I can do" and he withdrew me from the class. She was over xyo - not that that means anything in particular except old dog - no new teaching techniques. I switched majors to English. :) I think I would have gotten Calculus. Now I don't feel the need. Too much to learn in this world!
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  • bergeron

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    2013-02-27 2-30-37-

    yeah, I've forgotten most of what I learned. If you don't use it, you lose it.
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    2015-09-18 16-11-28

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    2016-01-03 1-10-15-

    Traveling to Fargo xth to xth I'll be in Fargo on business startin sex women and men Dunmore West Virginia g Tuesday until Friday. Staying in the Radisson downtown. It gets lonely towards the end of the day being faraway from home and together with really no it is possible to go or you to definitely hangout with. I�m one, not cheating upon anybody, in my x's but I�m in excellent physical condition with the body associated with a x year outdated. Well maybe x. Okay x, and seeking someone who's also in good shape. I�d like to satisfy a girl after work to obtain dinner, a drink, whatever. No expectations but nothing ruled out either. I can solely respond until the future night so any time you�re interested ok, i'll know with �Radisson� within the Subject line. Entire body pic intended for full body image. Clothes on please.: -) .
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    2016-01-22 13-35-51

    University or college for W or possibly T college male buying a GL passable G (w. tits preffered) or simply woman. MW considered xwm, spec web dating Fleming Neon KY ific sport build, x. x"cut pic should get pic can travel or possibly do woods.
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